True Freedom


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Family Hiking

Learn to live and let live.

Circumscribe my biases giving other idea’s a chance.

Desires are to be tamed, monitored and kept in balance with my fellow-man.

Keep my family and friends true to my heart

Passions for our understanding of the world should never out weigh our reasoning.

Within our own personal circles all things are sacred.

Due, giving thanks always where its due.

Bounds are ever-changing, identify them, respect them, defy them.




Spotted This Horny Toad On Our Memorial Day Family Hike


Flip Phone Saga – Day 4


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Today is the fourth day I have gone with limited internet exposure and without my smartphone.  I am feeling great.  Thus far I recognize my ability to better:

  • Focus time with my son (I have noticed a lot more about his habits and where I play into them).  We have enjoyed cartoons, T-ball and daily bike rides.
  • My studies are more intense and now that I am solely concentrating on one thing at at time, the computer material seems to be better penetrating my numbskull.
  • I find myself with more time in the day and rather than feeling it with technological crack, I have more time to help my spouse around the house and take care of the yard.
  • The worries of the world are beginning to leave me.  The latest scandal on the web has no time in my life, It’s their problem.

Granted focusing and obsession could just be my problem but dealing with it in a new way is helping.

For example, yesterday me and my family went to grab a Jamba Juice.  In this particular shopping center there is a court yard outside the parking lot where you can stroll and shop around.  The three of us strolled into sleep number, where there is an intensive plethora of knowledge and computer generated statistics for mattresses.  Who knew? Usually I would of been wrapped in my phone, the reading of my pressure points, listening to the sales associate, all while telling our youngster to quit jumping on the 5900 dollar bed next to us.  But since my fiance was indulged into the concept of these beds, I decided to take one for the team and ensure he was acting civilly.

What I really found out was, he wanted to participate and enjoy the beds like us.  When we ignored his participation in order to listen to the sales associate, he began to act out in order to get attention from us.  He was craving attention even if it was negative.  So I decided to become his sales associate, showing him how to operate a sleep number mattress and trying to get him to fork out 5900 dollars.  He enjoyed it and was relatively calm for the rest of our time.   Who knew?

The Last Four Years


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Not Allowed to Enjoy It

Not Allowed to Enjoy It

The last four years have been a blur, the last four years since I’ve left Iraq.  Peddling my way around town waiting to be apart of something bigger, adrenalin filled and dangerous.  Unhappy with my 9-5, unhappy with the domestication of American society.  Where is that frontier, where can I live on the edge, live on my own accord with out the constraints of domestic society.  No other place than the military but then again, according to their agenda and their rules.  Man cannot live like this, trapped in cage. always vigilant of another’s sensitivity. .

But today we were on a different playing field, mowing my lawn.  Enjoying a tea, teaching our son to play T-ball.  In my suburban neighborhood with no regrets.  A light breeze, low glare from a setting sun.   Dinner in the back with my child and fiance.  I could get use to this.  But I’d better keep the television off or watch what blogs I read, somebody somewhere wants to tell me I am a spoiled American.  If only you knew what it was to fight for this. Good thing I turned off my Smart Phone.  Day two.

Feeling good!

Bath Time!

Changing a Habit in 14 Days – The Distraction of Smart Phones


There isn’t constantly a day that passes where I am not mindlessly lifting my cellphone in order to track the worlds news, reply to a facebook post, check out the latest hash tag.  My mind constantly spinning, trying to keep up with all this information – unable to enjoy it. 

For the next 14 days I have decided to switch my smartphone out with an old flip phone in order to help myself master the worlds many distractions.  Particularly, technology. 



Putting Focus and Perspective into action – For This Regular Dad


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Over the past two years especially but really since I have left the military, I have found that I increasingly have began to lose my concentration. 

  • I have not put my house in order.
  • I am unable to sit down and study.
  • My work is littered with distractions.
  • My family life is littered with distractions.
  • I drink to much coffee to make up for lost time.
  • I drink to much beer to forget the time I lost.

I have not been able to figure out if these are just the times for us dad’s, military men, MEN!  But probably just my issues.  I hope with this new blog to dial in my focus, to let my words organize my perspective.   Something I read on the Internet has prompted me to move on this new habit, to act and I look to make my writings permanent.  What I hope to accomplish.

  • I hope for most to be a better Dad and a better fiance (will be married in Aug).
  • I need and push to be healthier.
  • I push to clear my mind and to take better control of it.
  • To expand and improve in my career.

Through writing, I hope that I can organize some of these objectives and to move past the many distractions.  Image

My Declaration people.