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Over the past two years especially but really since I have left the military, I have found that I increasingly have began to lose my concentration. 

  • I have not put my house in order.
  • I am unable to sit down and study.
  • My work is littered with distractions.
  • My family life is littered with distractions.
  • I drink to much coffee to make up for lost time.
  • I drink to much beer to forget the time I lost.

I have not been able to figure out if these are just the times for us dad’s, military men, MEN!  But probably just my issues.  I hope with this new blog to dial in my focus, to let my words organize my perspective.   Something I read on the Internet has prompted me to move on this new habit, to act and I look to make my writings permanent.  What I hope to accomplish.

  • I hope for most to be a better Dad and a better fiance (will be married in Aug).
  • I need and push to be healthier.
  • I push to clear my mind and to take better control of it.
  • To expand and improve in my career.

Through writing, I hope that I can organize some of these objectives and to move past the many distractions.  Image

My Declaration people.