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Not Allowed to Enjoy It

Not Allowed to Enjoy It

The last four years have been a blur, the last four years since I’ve left Iraq.  Peddling my way around town waiting to be apart of something bigger, adrenalin filled and dangerous.  Unhappy with my 9-5, unhappy with the domestication of American society.  Where is that frontier, where can I live on the edge, live on my own accord with out the constraints of domestic society.  No other place than the military but then again, according to their agenda and their rules.  Man cannot live like this, trapped in cage. always vigilant of another’s sensitivity. .

But today we were on a different playing field, mowing my lawn.  Enjoying a tea, teaching our son to play T-ball.  In my suburban neighborhood with no regrets.  A light breeze, low glare from a setting sun.   Dinner in the back with my child and fiance.  I could get use to this.  But I’d better keep the television off or watch what blogs I read, somebody somewhere wants to tell me I am a spoiled American.  If only you knew what it was to fight for this. Good thing I turned off my Smart Phone.  Day two.

Feeling good!

Bath Time!